Health Education

Your local Warren County Heath Department would like you to fill out a short survey to get your opinion about our services. Your comments will help us meet the needs of the community. Please download and print our survey and bring with you during your next visit to our Health Department.

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Purpose of Health Education

The purpose of health education is to translate and communicate health information in ways that are easy to understand and made available to all people.  Health Education helps people to make choices regarding their health behavior.  A major goal is to help people understand what their health needs are and how to meet these needs as individuals and as members of a group, family, community, nation, and world.

Warren County Health Educators:

  • Advocate for the community
  • Apply learning theory in designing a variety of teaching methods
  • Collaborate with health care professionals to facilitate individual and community changes for better health
  • Coordinate health education services and programs
  • Organize and mobilize communities to take action on health issues
  • Perform Community Health Assessments
  • Plan, develop, implement, and evaluate health education programs

Warren County Health Department provide Health Education in Various Settings

  • Churches
  • Community agencies/organizations
  • Health Department
  • Industries
  • Schools

Health Education Programs

  • Statewide Health Promotion-environmental/policy changes in the topics of physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco.  Examples are  establishing walking trails, physical activity policy, healthy eating policy, tobacco-free policy

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –

North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics –